Does it help with itchy paws?

Licking/biting/itchy paws is actually a really common issue, we have a whole blog dedicated to it with lots of helpful tips which you can read here. Our two main products that could help relieve itchiness are our Gel and our Spray. The Gel is amazing if your dog or cat is chewing their paw pads, as the cooling gel texture provides some instant relief. It’s also easy to apply and very gentle for the sensitive skin of the pads as well as any sore or raw skin.

The Spray is a bit more potent, as it has a number of essential oils that will calm and nourish the skin. Therefore, we recommend using it over the Gel if your dog or cat is biting the tops of their paws or their legs. The liquid of the Spray is so fine that it will sink into the skin super quickly, and it feeds the skin healthy nutrients to make it stronger and more able to fend off flare ups in the future.

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