Caring for your rescue pet

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‘Adopt don’t shop’ is a phrase very close to our hearts.  We have done lots of work with rescue dogs and cats and we know how much joy they bring us. There’s no better feeling that seeing them curled up on a warm, comfy sofa.

But spending time in rescue can be extremely stressful for animals.  The confusion, the strange noises and smells, the different food and the uncertainty – it all adds up and takes its toll.  Often these issues manifest with skin complaints.

The work that can go into caring for your rescue pet shouldn’t be underestimated.  Understanding their stresses and emotional issues can be a lengthy and challenging process. However, when improvements are witnessed and they relax and trust again, it is the most rewarding experience.

There are steps you can take to help your pet trust you, however this is a huge topic in itself. So for now we will list a few bullet points, and at a later date we will write a more in-depth blog on the subject.

  • Create a reassuring, structured schedule
  • Use calming aids, such as plug-ins and soothing music
  • Avoid trying to do intense training until more trust is established
  • Associate yourself with enjoyable things for your pet
  • Reward positive default behaviours (e.g. if your dog used to lunge at other dogs but now calmly interacts, reward with a treat)
  • Once the dog knows you are not a threat, training can begin

We have many customers that have rescued animals with skin and gastro-intestinal issues (they often go hand in hand).  Whilst they settle them in and help them adjust to a nutritionally sound diet, they also use Anicura products. They help to soothe the skin irritation, and can promote fur re-growth.

Parasites and infections are also common reasons for animals to itch.  Although most animals will be treated whilst in rescue for fleas / worms etc., sometimes they are still suffering from the effects of flea allergies etc. when re-homed.

Anicura Dog and Cat Sprays helps to stop the itch / scratch cycle due to the high-quality blend of 14 different pure and natural oils, vitamins and minerals, such as Sea Buckthorn, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Peppermint and Safflower.  It’s safe if ingested and provides an instant soothing effect on the skin.

Our Gel for both Dogs and Cats forms a soft layer over the skin to provide deep nourishment and is designed to promote further soothing of the skin and helps to promote regrowth of the fur.

If you are thinking about adopting a pet from a rescue centre, this is great! However, it is essential that you establish whether you have enough time, space and money to add a new member to your family.  If the answer to these questions is yes, then go for it! You will be rewarded just as much as they are.  Caring for your rescue pet will bring you some of the happiest moments of your life! Just knowing how happy they are does that 🙂

If you are concerned about the health of your rescue pet, always consult a vet.