International Cat Day - summer tips for our feline friends!

As I’m sure you’re well aware, today is International Cat Day! To show our love for our feline friends, today we present to you our top tips to keep your cat healthy and happy in the summertime, especially if your kitty has allergy-prone skin!

  1. Minimise exposure to allergens 

If you are trying to help your cat with their itchy, dry or irritated skin, it’s very important to look at the bigger picture, including diet and lifestyle factors. That could mean swapping to a different kind of food, changing certain products you use in your home or replacing your cat’s healthcare products with natural alternatives. If your pet has seasonal allergies however, it can be hard to minimise exposure to allergens – try telling your outdoor cat it can’t have a snooze in the sun on the seeding grass! What you can do, however, is bring down the amount of allergens present in your cat’s fur or on their skin by giving them a quick bath every now and then. We don’t really recommend bathing your pets too often, as it could offset the delicate balance of natural oils in their skin and coat, but washing your cat with our Cat Shampoo can actually be an effective way of getting rid of allergens, like pollen and flea dirt, as well as cooling and nourishing the skin.

  1. Keep pests away without nasty chemicals

Did you know that, not only are many cats allergic to flea bites and flea dirt, a lot of them are also sensitive (or even allergic) to conventional anti-flea treatments? That’s because they contain harsh chemicals that make sure the product stays effective for weeks, or even months. Instead, opt for natural alternatives to conventional flea treatments, such as our cat spray, which has nourishing properties, and leaves the skin and coat soft and shiny.

  1. Skincare, all year round 

At Anicura, we believe in the principle of homeostasis; the idea that the body and skin will find its own balance if given the right nutrients and care. If you’ve tried removing possible irritants and allergens and your cat is still having issues, it’s skin probably needs a little bit of extra help. Our Cat Spray feeds the skin healthy vitamins and minerals, making it stronger long-term and better able to fend off flare-ups. It sinks into the skin quickly and is great at stopping the itch/scratch cycle. Another quick tip: if your cat has thick fur and you’re worried the Spray won’t get to the skin, try spreading the fur a bit before spraying, or spray some liquid onto your hands and give your kitty a good stroke!

  1. In case of emergencies

We always have some Cat Gel at hand, just in case our cat Chippie runs into any kind of trouble! It’s so gentle that it can be used on broken skin, it encourages healing and it provides instant relief for any itches. So, in case your furball has gotten into a bit of a scuffle with the neighbourhood Tom, or they’ve had a bit of an accident, or just too good of a scratch, our Cat Gel will make your kitty a comfy cat once more.

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