Skin Consultations

Many people tell us that they have bought lots of different products in the past and have been disappointed with most of what they have tried. At Anicura, we recognise that this may not be the first time you have tried something to help your pet's skin. Whether their skin is dry, itchy, prone to eczema or excessive licking/biting, we are happy to point you in the right direction of which Anicura products to best try for your pet's specific skin needs.

Our team is looking forward to talking to you and helping you understand how our products work and how to best use them on your pet to achieve maximum results. However, don’t worry: our team is not tasked to hard sell you our products, we just want to help you and your pet – so get ready for lots of questions and tailor-made advice.

All our calls are fully confidential and hopefully will leave you having learnt lots about your pet's skin (and maybe a little about our products as well)!