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Cat Skin Rescue Bundle Pack

£29.99 £38.97
2% will be donated to Blue cross for pets

Support your cat's dry, itchy & sensitive skin back to health with our Skin Rescue Bundle Pack. Our three best-selling products for only £29.99!

1. Cat Spray
Our Spray contains a multitude of natural oils that all aid the skin in becoming stronger and healthier. Think of ingredients Sea Buckthorn, rich in Omegas, Lavender to soothe the skin and Safflower as an antioxidant. The Spray has two key functions, firstly immediately relief of itchiness and cooling, calming of the skin. Secondly, feeding the skin healthy nutrients to ensure it becomes stronger long-term and better able to fend of flare-ups or other allergic reactions, like redness and itchiness. The Spray is great for larger areas of itchiness and to reach the skin more easily when your Cat has a thick fur coat.

2. Cat Gel
Anicura Cat Gel is designed to soothe and calm dry, angry-looking skin. The strong combination of Sea Buckthorn and Apple Cider Vinegar will deeply moisturise the skin. Both ingredients also calm and soothe skin, whilst providing nourishment and leaving the skin feeling and looking healthy. The Gel is perfect for targeted relief of smaller areas, or more difficult to treat areas, like in the face.

3. Cat Shampoo
The Shampoo has been created to provide a natural alternative to the harsh and chemical shampoos that are on the market. The naturally active ingredients have been carefully selected for their bio-scientifically proven ability to support the maintenance of healthy skin. The Shampoo will work with your dog's skin instead of against it and will leave the skin and fur feeling nourished and moisturised.

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