Betty has an incredible story that we are so grateful we can share with you. Betty is a 3 year old rescue cat who was found in a skip after giving birth to three kittens. Betty was found and taken home whilst her kittens were taken with her daughter. 

After having Betty for a little while, her owner noticed she was ripping chunks of her fur out and constantly itching. Having been to the vets, they informed Betty's mum that she was allergic to everything from food grains to grass. Steroid injections did not improve Betty's condition. After some research, Betty's owner bought our Cat Gel. 

Our Cat Gel helped Betty's fur to grow back and she began to stop itching. It became part of her night routine and now Betty cannot live without our gel! "Whatever is in this products just cures Betty instantly! I will be eternally grateful for Anicura and I have now set up a monthly delivery from Amazon so I never run out again."

Our Cat Gel contains natural ingredients that feed the skin the right nutrients to increase strength and prevent flare ups. If you think your feline friend may benefit from our Cat Gel, you can browse products and purchase them here. We are so glad our gel has worked for Betty and we hope she continues to be itch free! 

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