This is another amazing story from a lovely customer named Sue. Dolly is a 5 year old Domestic Shorthair who was rescued as a pregnant stray by a local charity in 2019. Shortly after Sue had adopted Dolly, it became apparent Dolly overgroomed as she was pulling her fur out and leaving bald patches. 

The vet diagnosed her with allergies and she was prescribed Cortavance but Dolly detested it. After some research, Sue decided to try our Cat Gel. Sue found that even after the first day, Dolly stopped itching. After a few weeks, her fur started to grow back too. 

Anicura was created as the pet version of our sister brand Salcura. Salcura and Anicura use the same ethos and use similar ingredients which are all natural and designed for itchy, allergy prone skin. "I can guarantee the gel works because I have a smart watch with a silicon strap that irritates my wrist sometimes so I've 'borrowed' Dolly's Anicura and it settle down after ten minutes". 

Our Cat Gel and Dog Gel work with the skin to build strength against future flare ups whilst instantly soothing and calming irritated skin. If you think your cat may benefit from our Cat Gel, you can purchase it here

"I would definitely recommend Anicura. I also recommended it to my sister who has an itchy dog and she's converted." We are so happy our products have helped Dolly and thank you for sharing your wonderful story Sue!

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