Millie is a lovely Tabby cat, around 10 years old and she is a rescue. She is allergic to grass and fleas. She suffers with sores and scabs as a result. The vets had given Millie steroids, antibiotics and antihistamines but nothing worked. 

Millie's owner decided to purchase our Cat Gel before going to one of her vet appointments. "I even had to cancel the appointment as it has totally cleared up!!! I'm amazed!!!". 

Our Cat Gel helps speed up the healing process by providing the skin with the correct nutrients to build strength. The gel nourishes the skin whilst instantly soothing itchy, irritated skin. If you think your cat might benefit from our Cat Gel, you can browse or purchase it here

"Thank you from me and Millie. I will highly recommend this to my friends and family!". We are so happy to hear Millie is better. Thank you for sharing your story. 

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